Dorothy and Max in Washington DC (in front of SAIS) 2002.

  1. Early 1927-1938 – Germany, UK (8 months 1938)
  2. Teenager and Young man in Melbourne 1939-1953
    State schools, Melbourne High School, University of Melbourne, two jobs: Argus newspaper, Australian Government Department of National Development
  3. London 1953-1957
    London School of Economics, National Institute of Economic and Social Research, Married to Dorothy 1957
  4. Australia 1958-1967
    University of Melbourne, Australian National University (Canberra)
  5. Oxford 1967-1976
    Nuffield College
  6. Canberra 1976-1985
    Australian National University, visits to Singapore (National University of Singapore), Stockholm, Florence (European University Institute), London
  7. USA 1986-2002
    Harvard, International Monetary Fund, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) of Johns Hopkins University (Washington DC)
  8. Melbourne 2003 - 
    University of Melbourne. Dorothy passed away September 2010
The five academic stages appear in bold above.

Over the course of Max’s life he has lived  in Germany, Australia, UK and  USA.. The Australian stages add up to a total of 42 years, just under half his life (86 years up to 2013). He was in the USA just under 16 years, and the UK three times, totalling 14 years.

Autobiographical essays

Making a difference – PDF 146KB